• Back to luxury sportswear

    "That's what we believe, lifestyle deserves"

    Formerly reserved for insiders and some senior executives in love with chic and colorful shirts, sportswear is accessible everywhere.


    Outdated style, declining quality and degraded prestige, these brands became commonplace become to eyes of insiders.


    "At a meeting, I realized that we were all in the same shirt and I decided to stop wearing," says the senior executive of a multinational.

    AYNTON gets back to basics:

    # iconic pieces
    # in noble materials
    # French made on demand
    # in a haven of experience

  • How to benefit?

    01. Unique pieces

    AYNTON reinvents for you the new incarnation of french luxury sportswear. A refined and distinctive cloakroom inspired by modern times.

    02. Online sales

    We offer one piece at a time, pre-order only on our site. The guarantee to stand out with unique pieces.

    03. Manufacturing

    As soon as the pre-order is over, we launch production in one of our workshops in France with experienced craftsmen.

    04. Worldwide secure delivery

    You receive your personalized piece carefully packed in its case delivered by our partner UPS.